Creating the Life you Value

30-Week Coaching Package

  • Purchase your package then complete an intake form you will receive by email.
  • Select the day and time for your calls.
  • Weekly coach calls are 1 hour.
  • An email following each call with a recap of your session along with concepts to explore.
  • Each week will be a different topic as we dive into a thought you have for that week.
  • All topics from the clarity package will be covered. Boundaries, communication, listening skills, and so on.
  • Past and future self-exploration. Beliefs you hold and how they are serving you presently.
  • Processing Emotions, allowing discomfort, and exploring what is true for you.
  • Deciding and creating your Principles, Values, and Boundaries from integrity.
  • Present thinking, and what is coming up for you in different situations. Allowing yourself to react without judgment.
  • Showing you your power to create the results you want in any given situation.
  • A journal will be mailed to you.

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