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Transforming into a Leading Lady
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12 Co-Dependent Behaviors

Obsession, Control, and Denial. Behaviors we see in others but not ourselves.

Comply, Reactive, and Poor Boundaries. Behaviors we use as a way to communicate wanting to be heard.

People Pleasing, Dependency, and Caretaking. Behaviors we use thinking it will make things better.

Low Self-Esteem, Uncomfortable with Intimacy, Tender Emotions. Behaviors we believe proves we are broken.

These Behaviors do not define you. You are 100% worthy of love. Many Co-Dependent behaviors are developed from a short-term need, believing it is protecting you from pain.

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12 Leading Lady Behaviors

Passion, Self-Awareness, and Honesty. Behaviors we choose to show respect to ourselves and others.

Integrity, Decide, Self-Discipline. Behaviors we choose to communicate with dignity to ourselves and others.

Peace Maker, Interdependent, and Responabilitity. Behaviors we choose to give space for ourselves and others.

Self-Confidence, Vulnerable, and Courage. Behaviors we choose to create trust with ourselves and others.

When we begin to see that we are 100% worthy we drop the short-term need and find more value in the long-term one. Creating a new pattern of behaviors.

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