Angela Dryden

Certified Life Coach

A Puzzle of Ideas

white and black jigsaw puzzle

I truly enjoy an old-time neighborhood seasonal puzzle. I’ve completed puzzles depicting a summer’s day on the 4th of July or the trick or treaters on Halloween; cute cottages and cobble stone roads are another favorite of mine. Just like the many pieces in a 500 plus puzzle, ideas are never short in supply. I have found myself changing from one idea to the next. As I have grown in awareness, I am finding the ability to be a little choosy about my ideas and how to “puzzle” through them is up to me and my current state of thinking.

Here is a little comparison I came up with. If you are a puzzle lover, like me, this might resonate with you. However, if you are not, but are full of ideas this, too, will hopefully give you some concepts to chew on.

person holding jigsaw puzzle piece

As you dive right into sorting out the individual pieces; first, searching for the edges and putting together the boarder on your puzzle. Then you try organizing the pieces by landscape, buildings or color. As you progress along you find yourself stumped so you step away for a bit and come back later. The dance has begun. You find yourself focused then unfocused, you might want to quit, maybe you call in reinforcements, or power thru avoiding everything else around you. As you find yourself nearing the end the portrait is coming to life, pieces begin to look clearer. Placing the last piece, you stand back and look down, glowing with a sense of accomplishment.

person writing bucket list on book

Now take that same process and apply it to an idea that you have been contemplating and have decided to move forward with.  You feel excited and nervous all at the same time. You organize your thoughts and actions that you will have to take to accomplish your idea. Then you schedule out your actions on your calendar that you will need to take. The first few actions might be easy but then it’s a little more difficult and you might find yourself not following through, stepping back, and then coming back to it again. The dance has begun as you find yourself in uncharted grounds, things begin to blur, and you are puzzled as to what to do next. You might want to quit, maybe call in reinforcements, or you find the strength to put on the blinders and power through to completion.

There is no right or wrong way to complete an idea or a puzzle. Remember we are creatures of creation and we create every day. So, having an idea is a normal human experience. The more you explore your world, the more ideas and thoughts you will begin to have. Just as the more often you do a puzzle the better you will get at assembling them. Just remember, obstacles are not optional; they are a reality and as we prioritize and come with a plan in hand, we can power through or call for reinforcements, it is all up to us.


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