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Beginning with Awareness

Awareness of your beliefs will allow you to create possibilities. You see value in aligning with your beliefs, creating what you desire, and making room for what the universe has to offer. For this reason, you might want to skip the awareness of disbelief, last week’s blog and video, and jump straight to awareness and believing this blog. Once in this state of creating beliefs, these three steps I am going to share will feel natural and flowing. If they feel pushed and complicated, I want to suggest that you revisit the awareness of disbelief, in last week’s blog.

What’s the Results you Have?

The first step in creating is to look at the results you have in your life. The results of your current beliefs, beliefs like… this is too hard, I have tried everything or thoughts like why is everyone else doing so much better than me? Are you feeling defeated, exhausted, or frustrated? You will know that you are ready for a different belief either because the results you have are not aligned with a core value or it’s not getting you closer to what you desire your goal. You see that you are repeating things and feeling stuck.

This is when we try on new thoughts, the beginning stage of creating a new belief. A new thought can be an adjustment to the old one or a new one altogether. I recommend making slight adjustments to the thought you currently believe as it is likely a pattern you have had for a while. An example is instead of believing this is too hard, you could start to believe, this is challenging and I enjoy a challenge, or this is hard and I can do hard things. To determine if a thought aligns with a core value, you will need to look at the current results. This process is a little more in-depth and something I help clients through. Here is an example, the result you are currently getting is you are procrastinating. If a core value is learning and your action is not taking action, you can see that this is a misalignment. You will need to adjust your current belief and explore new thoughts that will align you with the core value of learning.   

What’s the Emotion that is Pushing You?  

The second tip is to be in tune with how you feel when you believe this old thought. If you have processed an emotion before it is helpful to do so here. Knowing the feeling that will drive you to take action from a place of purpose is useful to explore.  Some ideas of emotions that are helpful when working towards something are, courage, determination, worthiness, or persistence. One feeling I believe might be miss used is Excited. Let me put it simply, the excitement you feel is at the beginning and the end. Excitement will not be what carries you through the challenges or hard things that are coming. 

Acknowledge and Move Forward

Witch rolls us nicely into the last tip, embracing all of it and moving forward with purpose. The new thought and emotions will help you make one little shift at a time. There will be challenges and obstacles ahead but aligning with your values and awareness of your thoughts will make a big impact. This self-awareness state will help you see how far you have come. Your mind offers you past thoughts but now you see them as just thoughts. Acknowledge the past thought or belief and say thank you for that reminder and this is what I have decided to do moving forward.

What mind management will do

Mind management is a skill that will impact much of the joy you gain from life. It is a skill that allows you to align with the people, opportunities, and possibilities that your heart yearns for.  Managing your mind will allow you to be more nimble, creative, purposeful, and productive. An unmanaged mindset will offer you chaos, disbelief, doubt, and feeling stuck. Apply what you learn and reach out to me to book your discovery call as you decide to Invest in yourself.

Want more clarification on the examples I shared? Check out this youtube as I give more examples of how you can create the awareness that will fuel your purpose.


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