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Hitting snooze might not be best

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Excuses are like snooze buttons, and if there was ever a time to stop “hitting snooze,” I would say now would be a perfect time.

When one uses an excuse for why they did what they did they are attempting to lessen the blame on themselves. When you think of hitting that snooze button realize you are just using it as an excuse to not begin your day, yet. Obviously, the day is coming whether you want it or not. Here are two things you could ask yourself: Are a few more minutes going to make a difference for the rest of my day? Why am I hitting the snooze button?

Just allowing that awareness at that moment could be a small pivot to creating a different acceleration in your life. Do small things, little shifts in life, really matter? There might be instances in your life that have played a role on why you are heading down the path you are currently on. Can you think of a moment that hit you like a ton of bricks? Maybe with this awareness you can allow a different outcome to take place.    

Imagine another scenario. Your alarm goes off and you wake up, but don’t hit the snooze. You have purpose for why you are getting up. Your purpose has become the driving force to the habit of getting your day going. You don’t have time to second guess the day, why waste energy on that? Instead you use that energy to go for the morning walk, shower, fix breakfast, and then you are out the door.    

Started out the same
Started out the same

Now I want you to step back and think about both of the scenarios above. Let’s say the circumstances they both had, the one who hit the snooze and the one who got up, work at the same job. In fact, they both work a similar position, have the same life style and yet one is ready to go and the other just doesn’t want to get up.

How do you start thinking your alarm clock is your best tool and you can’t wait for the day? So many times, we are waiting for something outside of us to change. The change that needs to happen if you want true life change, needs to come from within. Change your thinking. 

Did you know an excuse and a reason are exactly the same thing? It is just the difference in how you choose to see it. For example, your children could be your excuse as to why you didn’t do something, or your reason for doing something.

Remember it all starts with our inner thinking, just changing a word in your thought can create that little shift you need to start to seeing improvements.


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