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How Vulnerability Turns a Safe Space into a Growth Space

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One’s actions and thinking are key to becoming a Leading Lady. Sometimes we can be that Leading Lady and other times we are more like a character that isn’t truly us.  That is what I want to explore today; the concept of a safe or growth space and how tapping into your vulnerability is vital in becoming more of the Leading Lady that you truly are.

Let’s explore what a safe space might be. When you think of the phrase “safe place” do you envision a place or person? Does a feeling of comfort come over you? What constitutes a safe place is really in the eyes of the beholder. Someone who enjoys massages, gentle spa music, and relaxation can see a massage room as safe while others feel anxious and uncomfortable because they don’t like to be touched by strangers. The space is the same, yet the viewpoint of each individual is different.

What comes to mind when you think of growth? From infancy to a young lady, we grew and didn’t get to have a say on how or when we grew. Our bodies experienced pain when our molars came in, when our bones grew and when our menstrual cycles began. On top of the physical growth, we were expected to learn math, history, science and so much more. We didn’t know the answers; we had to learn and grow from our mistakes in order to understand the world around us.  

As adults it is left up to us if we want to experience self-growth and if we view a situation as being safe or not. There is nothing you need to do to make you more valuable. You already are 100% worthy just as you are and having gone through your growing thus far. Self-growth is not needed to fix anything, Nothing is wrong with you or needs to be fixed. Self-growth is up to you if you want it.  

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If becoming a Leading Lady seems like a worthy goal to you, then you will want to decide that you are willing to experience an arrange of emotions. You can create this opportunity by being open and willing to be vulnerable to each situation that comes up for you. Believe the space IS safe and be willing to grow.   

A safe space will be transformed to a growth space when you open yourself to all emotions that come from all situations. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable as you observe how you are feeling and doing that which will create a purposeful outcome for you.

When we don’t grow as individuals, we are bound to be that character in someone else’s drama. Creating excuses for why we are not where we want to be will keep us hidden in the world. I believe that you are a Leading Lady and your unique role is what this world needs when it comes from a place of Love, Trust, and Hope in yourself.

Just like the growing pains of childhood, there is going to be discomfort. Expect that and find ways to accept that knowledge. Perhaps reflecting on your childhood growth process will help you realize you’ve survived thus far and that by embracing discomfort you cannot only survive but begin to thrive. It is through this discomfort that you will experience personal insight that you otherwise would not have if you didn’t choose growth. The Leading Lady finds a way to embrace growth and moves forward knowing that it is through being vulnerable and believing any space is safe that she develops into who she truly is—a Leading Lady.


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