Angela Dryden

Certified Life Coach


When I was younger earning money to me meant, the money I can save. My whole goal was how can I earn it and what do I want once I have “enough”.

That word, “enough”, when is enough, enough?

The soul of Money is a beautiful book written by Lynne Twist. Money is a part of all our lives. There is no escaping it. Try as one might, earning money, spending money, saving money is all part of our life. It’s hard to put into words that describe how I feel about money, but Lynne did a great job here.

“When your attention is on what’s lacking and scarce- in your life, in your work, in your family, in your town- then that becomes what you’re about. That is the song you sing, the vision you generate. You engage in lack and longing and what’s missing, and you call others to that same experience, if your attention is on the problems and the breakdowns with money, or scarcity thinking that says there isn’t enough, more is better or that’s just the way it is, then that is where your consciousness resides. Those thoughts and fears grow from the attention you give them and can take over your life. No matter how much money you have it won’t be enough. No amount of money will buy you genuine peace of mind.”

One of the many concepts I like to think about is the Have-Do -Be. When I Have money then I can Do as I like so I will Be happy. This unspoken concept we are taught starting as a child. We want the new toy, then the fashionable clothes, on to the car and into adulthood, ever so wanting the next best thing so we will be happy. Through the driving forces of advertisement and media, we are taught that when we have x we will be happier. So, we try to obtain that x in our life and for some fleeting reason, we don’t feel the happiness we thought we were promised. You can see it in all kinds of social class those who have very little and even those who have what seems like it all. Discontent, not satisfied, searching for more.

Then there are those who are happy no matter what their lot in life is, they are truly happy, or how I see it, they have real authentic joy. What’s the missing link? It isn’t social class, fame, or even dumb luck. They have made the conscious choice to find gratitude in all things regardless of what they obtained in life. Their goals in life are something they have and strive for. Yet happiness they have already decided to BE. If you truly want happiness you choose to live in that state you choose to live in the Be concept before you ever Have. Then whatever you choose to focus on and grow in, the Be will not change but your Have will.

The growth I have and am experiencing in my thinking has made all the difference. Not needing to be fixed or be added to, but wanting to improve, expand my horizon, and become more, so I can give more.

Let your light shine! Ground yourself in your spiritual nature, get your mental head on straight, and take the physical actions to create, your soul will be nourished, and you will come up not needing or wanting more, yet you will gain more every day. Be- Do- Have a great way to live.


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