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Certified Life Coach

Your Past is the Key to a Beautiful Future

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I want to first be clear that as a Life Coach I am not a counselor, psychiatrist, or have the degree and schooling to prescribe medications and help those who are struggling to live a baseline life. A few examples of issues that require a licensed professional’s help are having suicidal thoughts, persistent depression, intense trauma, or abuse.  I am grateful to the mental health profession and all they do to help those who need them and make society a better place as a whole.

As a life coach, I personally help those with codependent behaviors who are living a baseline or above life.  They are sad sometimes, get frustrated and overwhelmed, experience moments of anxiety and depression along with feeling out of control.  The Lady I love to help is the one that knows there is more to her than how she is showing up in her relationships. This Lady wants help to create clarity and implement it into her life.

A fixed mindset will give you what you already have. An open mindset can show you what is possible. Unconscious or not your life reflects what you believe in the core of your soul to be your reality When looking back on your past experiences can you see moments in your life that you manifested from your own desires?  We can only become the effect of a situation if we allow ourselves to see it as something that is happening to us. When it comes to our past, we can decide now, in the present, how we want to view that memory.

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Being human, we have memories of pain and experiences that leave their marks. The truth is we all experience pain, no one will go through life without experiencing pain on some level. When you talk to enough people you begin to realize that there are many who have had pain; some pain you don’t relate to and others you do. Then why is it that some can move on and others get stuck? As a Life Coach, I believe it has a lot to do with conscious mind management.

The future is wide open for interpretation; how you navigate your future plans will create the reality that is to be. If we are that powerful when it comes to our thinking of the future, can we not use that same power on the past? Here are four questions that might help you in changing your past:

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  1. What did I learn from this situation?
  2. How is this memory hurting me today?
  3. What do I need to let go from this memory?
  4. How can I see it another way?

Might it be possible that we are using our past to reason with our present as it allows us to excuse ourselves for why we stay where we are? Remembering that life is 50% good and 50% bad is a thought that might help you see your past in a different light. The bad stuff is formed in memory but there were good times, too. When life is rough, asking yourself, “What is the good that I can see in this situation?” or “How is this creating me into the beautiful lady that I am today?”

I am not suggesting suppressing emotions from the past, but rather come to a conclusion of how you want to use this information when you look back and decide how the events in the past were part of creating the perspective that you needed to live for today.


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