Angela Dryden

Certified Life Coach

Becoming Your Future Self

When you are becoming your future self, it is a journey. On this journey, you will get to decide if it is going to be full of excitement, or if it will be full of dreed. Your thoughts about the journey are what will fuel your energy as you move forward and catch up with your future self. Once you decide and start following through you will gain dividends on your efforts.

A Vision or a Dream what board is for you?

A vision or dream board is a great tool to have but in all honesty that isn’t my thing. Not because I don’t believe they are helpful I do think they are. My issue came from not doing the things I needed to do on my vision board. You see, they are exciting at first but it was going to take more than excitement for me to do the task that was needed to reach my goal. Hearing no a lot, being rejected, fear of failing, all of this can happen and often does while reaching a goal. The vision board gave me the direction but I felt defeated as I was not doing what needed to be done. Let me share with you what made a difference for me as I have moved forward in my goals.

The Focus

When I stopped focusing on the task and began focusing on the thought I was having about the task things began to shift. One of the philosophies that attracted me to life coaching is finding the root cause, a thought, that we are believing it to be fact and not just the story we tell ourselves. I needed to be on to myself so I could let that thought go and find a thought that would move me closer to my goal. How does one do that? Let me share with you a couple of things that can help you in making this shift.

Step One and Two

first, be aware of how you feel and think. As you look at the task that will get you closer to your goal what are the thoughts that are coming up for you?  What is your thinking about that task now, some examples are. I will do that later, It’s really not that important, or if I just had more information? Self-doubt, fear, or confusion can sneak in. Ask your future self how they will handle this situation, what will they think about this task?

Second, what is an emotion and thought that will help you do that task? Here are some emotions and thoughts that could help when looking from the eyes of your future self. Deciding to be courageous and thinking I am going to learn a lot from doing this. Being curious and thinking this is going to be a growing experience. You can also feel determined and believe that after doing this I will be that much closer to my goal.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Trying on a new thought is like trying on a new outfit. You can always change it as you grow along the way. We all change over time and whether or not we have a goal or desire we will change it just might not be the change that we are wanting. Whether you decide or not you will have made a choice.

A mantra that matters to you matters the most. If the words you say do not resonate with you find the words that do. This can take time and it is something you have to decide to practice. Discovering and exploring the possibilities of how your future self sees the task and the work you do doesn’t have to be boring. I would say if it is then you will most defiantly not stick with it for long. Make it fun and most importantly make it resonate with you.


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