Angela Dryden

Certified Life Coach

Do you Garden?

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I have planted a garden before. Successfully? Not so much…but planted? Yes. This year, I had a successful planting!

What made the difference from the years before to this year? The answer to that question was water! Of course, a timer, hose, and a sprinkler also made a huge difference. In the past I did potted beds and your standard ground garden, however I was responsible to deliver the plant it’s water. I found out that I am not as reliable or consistent as I would like to think.

Since I figured out the miracle of irrigation, I now have my rows of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, kale, and cabbage. What next? On to the next chapter of gardening! What the heck am I supposed to do with all this abundance! Start canning sister!

That is right, I cracked into my pioneer life. I have always loved pioneering stories; I mean I grew up with little house on the prairie. You know what I found out about myself? I love canning, in fact I get a high from it, I feel like I am getting into a flow and it is a beautiful thing. I still have a ton to learn. Thank goodness for Pinterest and Google, they have helped me immensely. Also, my sis has been a canning lady for years now. I guess I finally figured out why she loves it so much. 

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